Anonymous asked:
"what size shoe do you wear?"

US 10 x 

Anonymous asked:
"Do you have fendi combat boots!! Kendall jenner has those:)"

yess! x

newyorklondonparis-me asked:
"Can you please let your followers know I'm selling 5 tickets to One Direction's show in Foxborough at Gillette? Two are for the 8th and 3 for the 9th. They're all floor seats. If you could that be great! :))"
Anonymous asked:
"would you buy a shirt for over $300? i'm debating it but i'm worried it's kind of ridiculous since i don't have a ton of money. i have enough like i'm not being really irresponsible or anything, just not like..endless amounts"

Depends on the shirt! Link me xx 

Anonymous asked:
"To that anon who's jeans ripped in the thigh, mine have done that too and not just the topshop ones. It just from when you walk and stuff, your legs graze against each other.. Totally normal!"

^^^ xx

Anonymous asked:
"To your anon: don't feel self conscious at all! Mine have done that before too and I got the same pair after and they're still in good condition months later. It's just one of those things, some times there's a shoddy seem 😘"

^^^^ xx