Anonymous asked:
":( do u mind sharing what percent the tax rate was?"

It’s like 8.8% xx

Anonymous asked:
"Did u have to pay sales tax on your handbag?"

Yes :(

Anonymous asked:
"(I am so sorry if this is personal! You don't have to answer this at all) I was just wondering how much that bag was? I've been looking for that specific one EVERYWHERE and I can't seem to find it. I've tried in stores and online and have had no luck."

Message me off anon and I’ll tell you! xx 


Casual OOTD for this chilly day! // F21 sweater as coat, Gap cardigan and tee, Loft jeans, Topshop boots, and random scarf!

Anonymous asked:
"I like the joggers you got recently! How would style them?"

Thank you! I like them best with a blouse tucked in and heeled sandals, but I think they would also look cute with a t-shirt and sneakers xx 

Anonymous asked:
"hi katrina! sorry this is weird to ask, but i was wondering if you could say what size you got for your supergas? and what your normal us size is? :) cause everyone's saying half size down but idk :S"

I got my normal size in them! Xx