Anonymous asked:
"hey girl! love your blog :) I was wondering if the chanel espadrilles run true to size? thanks x"

Thanks! For me yeah, but def try them on if you can bc I have a friend who bought them in her normal size and they’re too small xx

Tbh I can’t wait for winter so I can wear cozy clothing and light candles

Anonymous asked:
"Like store events! I've seen when NYC stores have a well known blogger attend an event there to promote a new collection or something! xx"

Oooo then I would just follow stores’ twitter and Facebook pages because they’ll post about an event! Xx

Anonymous asked:
"hey kat! if you could move to any other city, where would it be? love you xx"

Love you too! Hmm probably Barcelona or London or Amsterdam xxx

Anonymous asked:
"hey Katrina, do you ever attend fashion events in NYC? If so, how do you find out about them and how do you go about attending? xx"

Not often, but I am usually invited or have some sort of connection. Try googling for things! What type of events are you wanting to attend? xx

Anonymous asked:
"Ok, so what type of bag should I get at the $1000 price range?"
  • 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli
  • Alexander Wang rocco/rockie
  • Balenciaga day